Sep 15, 2014

Our Life Lately // Vol. 1

Though I have made many attempts at weekly journaling before this, let it be known that this is Our Life Lately // Vol. 1 in all its official glory :) Not to discount the many, many lovely weeks enjoyed before this one. Its just that this one happens to receive the inaugural moniker; a moniker that will *hopefully* grace this slice of the internet on a somewhat regular (weekly, if we're being idealistic here) basis. Yes friends, it's time we started keeping track of what goes on 'round these parts a little better. So without further ado...

This week mother nature threw us some kind of curve ball. Early in the week we were enjoying hot sunny days and warm walking adventures. By Wednesday, we were positively buried in snow! A snow storm of such epic proportions (two full days, unrelenting!) is unheard of this time of year and unfortunately, the lush leafy trees around the city and in our town paid the price. Thankfully the woods are far enough behind our place to not have caused any damage to our home, but many bent and snapped under the weight of the snow caught by their summery leaves. We're grateful we weren't personally affected, but definitely feeling for the people who's homes were! As quickly as it came, the snow is now completely melted and we're left with the green summer landscapes we were enjoying just days earlier. So strange! Here's hoping the green hangs on a little longer. Need to top up on that summer sun while we can to bolster ourselves for the long winter months ahead.

In other news, we are DIY'ing busy bees lately. Not sure if it has something to do with little baby on her way or the fact that we've been in our place 7 months now, but something lit a fire in our nesting hearts and we've decided to finally do something about all the things that needed doing around here. Several projects are in progress and so far, we're loving how it's all coming together. A large adjustable shelving unit, a console table and an entertainment unit are all in the works. After months of looking, we couldn't find the perfect pieces for our entertainment we decided to make them! Ryan continues to impress me with the pieces he's building. Can you say secretly skilled, DIY'ing, weekend warrior on a mission? Haha. I'm just doing my best to keep up by being the best sander/finisher I can be. Don't want to be the weak link in this nesting duo ;) Can't wait to share more as things evolve. Progress feels good! 

And in big, exciting news...we said hello to the third trimester this week!! Eek! Can't even believe it really. So far I'm still feeling really good. My energy levels remain quite high and physically, I'm not overly uncomfortable. As long as this is the case, you can trust I'll be outside adventuring with Ryan and Lincoln, savouring these last bits of summer and working away on the fun little projects that are making our house feel more like a home each day :)

Happy monday friends!

Sep 3, 2014

Chad & Karly - On To New Adventures

My brother Chad and his sweet girlfriend Karly (Carli's/Karly's of the world are representing in our family, woop woop! ;) have moved to Vancouver as of this past weekend. Chad and I are 16 months apart and were always so close growing up. Even as adults, with more time passing between visits because of life and general busyness, we have always enjoyed a sweet comfort in each other's presence as though no time has passed at all. I'm so glad we're so close in age and that, like all the kids in my family, we grew up as and into incredibly close friends. I love my siblings dearly, but I also really like them as best friends. I have to give our parents major credit for fostering that friendship rich environment in our home. 

Uniquely enough, all four of the kids in our family have remained in the same city until now. And we've loved every minute of it. But the time has come for Chad and Karly to pursue a new, exciting chapter in Vancouver and while we are sad to see them go, we're so happy for what awaits them. They are a truly brilliant and beautiful couple with an incredibly bright future. 

I'm thankful for the time we live in and the technology available to us to keep in touch and a part of one another's lives. Also, Vancouver is beautiful and I can't imagine us waiting long to fly out to see them and their new life :) Regardless, goodbyes are difficult. This weekend was emotional to be sure, but the happiness I feel for them far outweighs my sadness in losing physical proximity. 

Chad & Karly, we love you and wish you the absolute best on your new adventure! 

Aug 30, 2014

A Best Friend's Wedding

This past Saturday, Ryan's best friend Adam married his stunning wife Elisa. Ryan and Adam have been friends for nearly 20 years (since they were 10!). Ryan and I started dating when we were 17 and it wasn't long after we had started dating that I got to meet Ryan's best buddy Adam. It was immediately obvious what a fantastic guy he was. And thank goodness for that! I met him when Ryan and I were in that totally infatuated stage of dating when you're love drunk and can't think clearly. Like you hope you're thinking clearly, but you can't really be sure. And I remember thinking 'K, obviously I'm not the only person who thinks Ryan is a THE MOST AMAZING GUY EVER. Adam is top notch quality and he seems to think Ryan is best friend material. This is a ringing endorsement for what my doe-eyed, teenage heart seems to have been telling me all along'. Ha! 

Adam's support, loyalty and overall 'couldn't find a better best bud than this guy'-ness has been such a huge blessing in Ryan's life and in mine. They don't come better and I'm just so grateful Ryan and him have remained so close over all these years. In fact, nine years ago on this same weekend, Adam was Ryan's best man at our wedding. Nine years later, Ryan was his. Longstanding, quality friendships like these come along once in a lifetime and I'm so glad these two continue to be there for one another, year after year. 

The cherry on top of it all? He met and has now married his absolute soul mate, Elisa. And we all just love her!! It's clear they will be so happy together and we just couldn't be happier for them ♡

Nine years married to this man as of this past Tuesday! Not sure what I did to deserve him, but I'm thankful every day that we're together. He is the kindest, wisest, most patient, reliable, funny, hard working and admirable man I know. He's my rock and my greatest pleasure. Life with him is an adventure I don't want to miss one moment of. And now, to be expecting a little one together? Almost too much for this overly hormonal, excessively-prone-to-waterworks gal to process. Suffice it to say, I LOVE this man and I LOOOOVE our life together. 

// little baby is definitely a visible bump these days :) //

Fortunately, our weekend got a little work/vacation extension so we could keep the good times rolling. Ryan had to head down to Spokane after the wedding to purchase a vehicle for work. So we made a leisurely road trip out of it and had a blast! We stopped by Sandpoint's city beach to stretch our legs en route, stayed at the beautiful Davenport in Spokane, ate our way through the city, spent waaaay too much time and money at Hobby Lobby (how did I not know about this heaven before??) and felt entirely grateful that after nine years married we love each other's company more than ever. Definitely one of those sweet summer weeks we won't soon forget. 

Aug 29, 2014

♡ Baby ♡

//  We're are so excited to be expecting a little girl in December!  //

Oh goodness! I've always wondered how this would feel. Physically, emotionally, the whole bit. My most favourite person in the whole world and I are expecting a little of our own! Who will she be? How will we grow? What will the three of us together (+ Lincoln :) feel like? I can only imagine the adventure it will be and it's one I know we both look forward to with overflowing gratitude and eager hearts. 

Ryan and I have been married 9 years now and together for 12. I have loved every inch of the distance we've travelled together over those years. Truly, life lived with my best friend has been the greatest blessing. To be adding a little mini to our brood is just the sweetest gift. 

Fortunately, pregnancy has been gentle on me so far. I'm about 25 weeks along (22 in the picture) and am thoroughly enjoying the 'normalness' of the second trimester. Besides for the steady growth I see in my belly I feel just like myself and for that I am so grateful. From what she tells me, my mom had rather gentle pregnancies for all four of us. So far, my experience has mirrored hers so I'm hopeful that trend will continue ;) Of course, whatever comes, I'll have to take it in stride. Thankful to have Ryan's great support throughout this experience. As is his manner, if ever I've felt overwhelmed, he's been right there to lighten the load. Words can't begin to describe how much I'm looking forward to this new adventure with him ♡

Apr 23, 2014

Easter Weekend

Ryan was away in Vegas for business this past week so it was definitely a treat when he arrived home for Easter weekend. It's funny, when you've lived together as long as we have now. Sometimes a little space to do things independently is a good thing. We're big believers in that actually. Nurturing our own individuality. We love how it keeps our marriage dynamic and interesting. Its fun being married to someone who cares deeply about growing and developing as a individual as well as your partner in life. In the same breath though, I sure miss him when he's gone. And I love that I feel that way. We've been together around 11 years now and married for 8. I think that's a healthy amount of time to say that I really love how much I miss him when he's gone. Time has only intensified my admiration and affection for him, and for that I feel so blessed.

We started our Easter Sunday with a walk around our neighbourhood. The river and the breathtaking forest put on their Easter best that spring morning as we welcomed the holiday weekend; our little family, happily reunited. 

Apr 14, 2014

Our Weekend

These pictures are from last weekend when Ryan and Lincoln woke up at the crack of dawn on Sunday to help me practice for my manual photography assignment. A couple things about this. If these two aren't the cutest, I don't know who is. And two, I can't believe this is where we live! I snapped these pics on the hill above our home…literally two minutes from our front door. Daily, I'm amazed at the beauty we're surrounded by. So grateful we chose to move. The months of waiting were definitely worth it. And since my trigger finger went unexpectedly dormant this weekend, these two cuties and this stunning backdrop will have to serve as photo placeholders while a gab about our most recent weekend. 

My mom and I spent the last week and a half madly prepping for a convention we were accepted to last minute for our small business. It was wonderful to be able to go (thanks to a couple spaces opening up) after we had been told the event was full this year. But yikes, did we ever have a lot of prep to get done! By the time we hit the road at 5am on Friday morning, we were already exhausted. But you know what? Once we were driving, coffees in hand, we forgot how tired we were and realized how fun it was to be on the road doing something different. We had a fantastic time. Learned a lot, left inspired with new ideas for our business and enjoyed a mother/daughter sleepover: a rare treat once you've flown the nest!

We got back late on Saturday night and I slept like a baby, let me tell you. That really good kind of sleep you can only get once you've moved past feeling tired and are more delirious than anything else. 

Sunday was just perfect. Leisurely through and through. Lincoln and I snuck away early in the morning to catch breakfast with Crystal and a walk with her two pups, Lincoln's best buds, Roman and Eli. We reconnected with Ryan around noon for lunch and a few errands before settling down for a movie marathon and pineapple feast. An unreasonable amount of pineapple was consumed I'm proud to say. It was both delicious and kinda burnt our tongues. A sure sign of the best pineapple you ever did have. Also a sure sign of a Sunday well spent :)

Apr 7, 2014

life with a teenage irish wolfhound

This pup is something else. At a year and a half he's tipping scales at around 160 lb. and has legs for days. He's HUGE. And the cutest, but I'm sure you've gathered that by this point. I mean l o o k at those brows. that kind of volume can't be teased. you're either born with it or you aren't. And trust me, he's got about as much 'tude as he does volume in those brows. Spicy and playful, a rascally giant of our very own. 

Life is funny with a pup this size. He's about as gentle as baby bunny. Honestly, not a single aggressive bone in his body which is the sweetest thing. But of course, he's huge and he's a puppy. So those two facts have a fun way of rearing their unsavory head from time to time. Take, for instance, the baseball sized dent on the corner of our upstairs hallway that severely bent the metal drywall corner and buckled the drywall itself on the other side two inches back!

Now, gaze into the face of guilt people. Guilt incarnate I tell you! A momentary loss of control in a frenzy of passionate play and you're walking off a mean limp while you're mom mutters something about the wall looking like someone took a bat to it. Gotta ask yourself, was it worth it? The spastic laps you started running indoors? 

Overall, I feel like he feels like it is worth it. Regardless of how many mini-injurys he incurs, the rascally teenage play is always, always worth it. Just look at that satisfied mug. 

And you know what, I'm realizing that feeling like it's worth it might just be the right way to feel. I mean the dings and dents in a new home happen eventually. And this grandpa of a puppy, who's always been an old soul and remarkably poised for his age, is entitled to his wily teenage years isn't he? We all had 'em right? Right. So we'll weather the teenage storm with a smile and enjoy the laughs this season brings along with it. Because while there may be dings and dents as fallout, the show itself is very nearly worth the carnage. Luckily for us and for our walls, puppy teenage years seem to go by a little quicker than ours. Feeling like there's a good chance we could get out of this stage with our house still standing. 

Fingers crossed he didn't just accept that as a challenge ;)