Apr 23, 2014

Easter Weekend

Ryan was away in Vegas for business this past week so it was definitely a treat when he arrived home for Easter weekend. It's funny, when you've lived together as long as we have now. Sometimes a little space to do things independently is a good thing. We're big believers in that actually. Nurturing our own individuality. We love how it keeps our marriage dynamic and interesting. Its fun being married to someone who cares deeply about growing and developing as a individual as well as your partner in life. In the same breath though, I sure miss him when he's gone. And I love that I feel that way. We've been together around 11 years now and married for 8. I think that's a healthy amount of time to say that I really love how much I miss him when he's gone. Time has only intensified my admiration and affection for him, and for that I feel so blessed.

We started our Easter Sunday with a walk around our neighbourhood. The river and the breathtaking forest put on their Easter best that spring morning as we welcomed the holiday weekend; our little family, happily reunited. 

Apr 14, 2014

Our Weekend

These pictures are from last weekend when Ryan and Lincoln woke up at the crack of dawn on Sunday to help me practice for my manual photography assignment. A couple things about this. If these two aren't the cutest, I don't know who is. And two, I can't believe this is where we live! I snapped these pics on the hill above our home…literally two minutes from our front door. Daily, I'm amazed at the beauty we're surrounded by. So grateful we chose to move. The months of waiting were definitely worth it. And since my trigger finger went unexpectedly dormant this weekend, these two cuties and this stunning backdrop will have to serve as photo placeholders while a gab about our most recent weekend. 

My mom and I spent the last week and a half madly prepping for a convention we were accepted to last minute for our small business. It was wonderful to be able to go (thanks to a couple spaces opening up) after we had been told the event was full this year. But yikes, did we ever have a lot of prep to get done! By the time we hit the road at 5am on Friday morning, we were already exhausted. But you know what? Once we were driving, coffees in hand, we forgot how tired we were and realized how fun it was to be on the road doing something different. We had a fantastic time. Learned a lot, left inspired with new ideas for our business and enjoyed a mother/daughter sleepover: a rare treat once you've flown the nest!

We got back late on Saturday night and I slept like a baby, let me tell you. That really good kind of sleep you can only get once you've moved past feeling tired and are more delirious than anything else. 

Sunday was just perfect. Leisurely through and through. Lincoln and I snuck away early in the morning to catch breakfast with Crystal and a walk with her two pups, Lincoln's best buds, Roman and Eli. We reconnected with Ryan around noon for lunch and a few errands before settling down for a movie marathon and pineapple feast. An unreasonable amount of pineapple was consumed I'm proud to say. It was both delicious and kinda burnt our tongues. A sure sign of the best pineapple you ever did have. Also a sure sign of a Sunday well spent :)

Apr 7, 2014

life with a teenage irish wolfhound

This pup is something else. At a year and a half he's tipping scales at around 160 lb. and has legs for days. He's HUGE. And the cutest, but I'm sure you've gathered that by this point. I mean l o o k at those brows. that kind of volume can't be teased. you're either born with it or you aren't. And trust me, he's got about as much 'tude as he does volume in those brows. Spicy and playful, a rascally giant of our very own. 

Life is funny with a pup this size. He's about as gentle as baby bunny. Honestly, not a single aggressive bone in his body which is the sweetest thing. But of course, he's huge and he's a puppy. So those two facts have a fun way of rearing their unsavory head from time to time. Take, for instance, the baseball sized dent on the corner of our upstairs hallway that severely bent the metal drywall corner and buckled the drywall itself on the other side two inches back!

Now, gaze into the face of guilt people. Guilt incarnate I tell you! A momentary loss of control in a frenzy of passionate play and you're walking off a mean limp while you're mom mutters something about the wall looking like someone took a bat to it. Gotta ask yourself, was it worth it? The spastic laps you started running indoors? 

Overall, I feel like he feels like it is worth it. Regardless of how many mini-injurys he incurs, the rascally teenage play is always, always worth it. Just look at that satisfied mug. 

And you know what, I'm realizing that feeling like it's worth it might just be the right way to feel. I mean the dings and dents in a new home happen eventually. And this grandpa of a puppy, who's always been an old soul and remarkably poised for his age, is entitled to his wily teenage years isn't he? We all had 'em right? Right. So we'll weather the teenage storm with a smile and enjoy the laughs this season brings along with it. Because while there may be dings and dents as fallout, the show itself is very nearly worth the carnage. Luckily for us and for our walls, puppy teenage years seem to go by a little quicker than ours. Feeling like there's a good chance we could get out of this stage with our house still standing. 

Fingers crossed he didn't just accept that as a challenge ;)

Apr 2, 2014

that in between place

It seems we've found ourselves at that in between place. That place I had really hoped we'd defy the moving odds and just skip over altogether. But alas, we're there. We are officially mostly-moved-in-with-a-dash-of-moving-remnants-everywhere. sigh

The first couple weeks in the new home we were consistently eager to unpack our belongings and lovingly find new homes for each and every item. But somewhere around week three, life caught up to us. As it does. And those last couple boxes and miscellaneous items in each room just got carefully stacked in the corner as we made mental promises to find their real homes tomorrow. Tomorrow would be their day. 

Well. A few tomorrows have passed and still each room wears its little badge boasting 'freshly moved in'. And after a little thought, I think I've realized I'm ok with it. Because while my nesting heart is itching for the chance to really get some projects going around here (and believe me, we will!), my recovering inner perfectionist recognizes that sometimes….it takes time. 

So this is me, focusing on a pretty photo of some happy flowers I photographed for a photography class I'm taking (through the lovely ladies at A Beautiful Mess - total game changer by the way). Because the unpacked items will eventually find their new homes. And in the meantime, I'll happily tackle the everyday life things that might keep me from sorting them with fresh blooms in my kitchen. A kitchen I'm sure glad to call home these days. Whether it's fully moved in or not :)

Mar 26, 2014

New Kitchen Pendants

While we were waiting for our home to be finished, I stumbled upon a lighting sale on Restoration Hardware's website. I snagged a couple light fixtures we've been wanting for a while at prices we couldn't believe. Happy day!

Like I've mentioned before, the lighting options we chose from the builder's options work just fine for the most part. There are just a few spaces throughout the home (at this point) that we felt could benefit from some personalized light fixtures that better suit our style. 

Below are the original pendants that came with the home. They're really high quality, so we plan on selling them on Kijiji along with the kitchen nook fixture and powder room fixture (more on those tweaks soon!). They are pretty on their own, but we were looking for a more industrial vibe to contrast the white, monochromatic tones in our home. 

We were having our quartz serviced right after we installed the pendants, so the kitchen is completely bare in the after photos. I was in a bit of a rush to get things sorted before the service appointment, but figured it was an ideal time to snap some photos. So me and my iPhone did what we could. The true colour of the paint and counters is slightly off in these pics but at least you can see the difference the lighting makes! 

I love the way the wrought iron and metal pendants tie our stools and curtain rods together. These contrasting, industrial-style elements are totally our jam. Ryan, in particular, is pretty pumped about the incandescent bulbs. And we both agree, its pretty rewarding to see these personal elements enhancing our home. Love it when successful projects encourage us to keep trying different things :)

Mar 22, 2014

4 in 4

Ryan had the day off yesterday, which will kind of make tomorrow feel like we've had two weekends this week. And you won't hear me complaining about that. No sireee. All smiles over here :)

After a great day together, I got to thinking about things. It's funny how we've settled into 'normal' life since moving into our home. Almost so normal, I sometimes forget about how weird the four months of moving were. Maybe not weird, just abnormal. Those four months were an absence of what our normal typically looks like, you know? And while we were in it, it felt like forever. And then, almost in a blink, here we are. In our new place, starting a new chapter. 

It really dawned on me  last night as I caught the sunset out our bedroom window. I started thinking about the 4 moves we did in 4 months. The 4 backyards we've had in those 4 months. The memories they're each responsible for. I smiled as I remembered each space as I'm smiling now. Because even though transition can sometimes be trying and uncomfortable, its also often an opportunity for personal growth, flexibility and improvement. I look back on these four spaces thankful for the time we enjoyed them, thankful for what I learned at each interval and thankful for where I am now. 

Our sweet backyard in our previous home; the first home we owned. Lots of hard work went into this yard to make her the little suburban oasis she was. And we loved it. 
Our hilarious, beloved RV loaned to us by a friend of a friend. I'll never forget looking out these windows across the river as I watched our home take shape.
The backyard at the cabin was massive. Practically the length of a football field and rather remote. With such space at our disposal, we were outside during this winter more than ever before. 
Our slice of the beautiful forest as viewed from our bedroom window. This. This vista is one of the biggest reasons we opted for four months of semi-homelessness. And every time I catch a glimpse of it, I'm so grateful for every step that brought us here. 

Mar 19, 2014

I ♡ target

But who doesn't, right? Us Canadians may be a little late to the Target party since they only graced us with their presence within the past year but oh, the love affair has been swift, all-consuming and passionate. Since moving into our new home (and mayyyyybe during the four months we were in between homes) I've been frequenting Target pret-ty often. I can't help myself! Their home decor items are fantastic and suit so many different tastes. 

I'm a big believer in the high/low philosophy when it comes to decorating our home. I definitely believe some items are worth splurging on. Whether it's a one-of-a-kind piece or something that will be used often that needs to look great for many years to come (read: well built/comes with warranty/known for it's longevity), I see the value in sometimes spending more for quality. At the same time, I'm the first person to shout from the rooftops that I LOVE a bargain! If it can be thrifted, DIY'd or purchased frugally, well that's the kind of home decor I get most excited about. And the Target goodies we've acquired in our home so far have been exactly that. Fun and practical accents that make me smile and didn't break the bank. I'm thrilled with these side tables and the large hollow glass lamp I purchased a couple weeks ago. I love their fun lines and light, airy feel. They're a happy landing spot for my morning coffee without making the room feel cluttered or smaller than it needs to feel. Same goes for the hollow lamp. It's substantial where I felt the room needed a chunky light fixture, but the eye looks through it, further reinforcing the open airy feel of our living room. 

And don't think this is the extent of my Target hauling so far. Oh no. Like I said, Target and I are in a whirlwind romance which requires more pictures and gushy declarations of thrifty home decor love than we have time for today. More posts to follow, since you know, I just can't help myself.