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Dec 10, 2015

motherhood // Navy at 11 months + NEW YORK

Our little lady turned 11 months the very same day we flew to New York last month. What a treat it was to reflect on nearly 1 year with her sweet soul in our lives while exploring New York.

New York this time around was lovely and different than our previous visits.  Having Navy along for the trip was just the best. Toting her around between boroughs, we would routinely ask one another if this was real life and if we actually have a mini of ourselves who's now joining in on all our adventures (?!?). Amazing.

This time in New York we spent a lot more time out walking, exploring neighbourhoods and the parks... Central Park especially. Though it was a little cooler than we were expecting based on the forecasts, it was still sooo much warmer than our last visit in November (that coastal air gets this landlocked lady every time! Can never trust a coastal forecast based on the dry air I'm so used to). All I can say is thank goodness for layers, blanket scarves and vests haha. And on that note, the family that vests together, stays together. That's our motto anyway ;)

Beautiful Battery Park ↑  Lady Liberty ↓
That rosy cheeked face!! ⇡ I die ♡
⇡ Juuuuuust about nap time :) ⇡
Upper West Side exploring.
Beautiful Central Park with my favourite people.
⇡ Farmer's Market in the Flat Iron District ⇡
View from our hotel ♡
The Plaza hotel at Christmas...just perfect.
Love this man ♡

Navy, as usual, you are a light that shines so bright. On our flights to and from New York, you amazed us at how composed you were for nearly five hours in the air each way. At home, you don't sit still for more than a couple seconds. So how you managed those flights, and all the time in the stroller or in the carrier while we travelled is beyond us. We worked like crazy to keep you entertained on the flights and you rewarded our efforts with being your sweet, easy going self (we genuinely surprised ourselves with how many games we created to keep you entertained using just a couple food wrappers, the seat pockets of the seats in front of us and all our electronic cables haha). New York was your 11th and 12th flight and like all the ones before, you were such a happy little girl throughout. We can't tell you how grateful we are for your easy going disposition. 

Before we left for New York, you learned how to turn around before going down stairs. I was amazed the first time you did it! Couldn't believe all the times I'd manually turned you around before had actually stuck. Then, when we were in New York, you decided to turn around to get off the bed in the hotel room! Neither of us had taught that to you. I guess you just figured that if it works for getting down stairs, it must work for getting off any other raised surface you might find yourself on :) We were so surprised and proud of you. 

You crawl so fast these days and walk around the living room using anything you can as a support. You want to move so fast and go so far. You are truly the little energizer bunny we always thought you would be (based on your constant acrobatics in utero :) You say 'mama' and 'dada' and are so verbal. Talking in phrases and questions and statements with such impressive intonation. Even though your sentences aren't made up of words yet, it's obvious you are communicating...and passionately at that. Oh how we love it. 

You're a social little butterfly who interacts with everyone we encounter. You take a little time to warm up to strangers or people we don't see as frequently and you cling to my hip as you do. Eventually you warm to most people and by the time we leave the interaction, it's clear you've captured their heart. You're a bright light, that is for sure. 

You have the healthiest little appetite and are eating so much these days while continuing to nurse. We're so grateful for your easy going and hearty constitution. You're a robust little girl who loves her mama, dada and Lincoln so much. You love life and take to adventure like a little pro. We love you with everything that's in us, sweet girl ♡

Nov 22, 2015

motherhood // Navy at 10 months

For my birthday, Ryan gave me the sweetest Casablanca themed birthday card and you better believe it's a music card at that (btw I turned 31 at the beginning of November ... let the record state). Anyway, as I read the card the sound clip had Navy dancing up a storm and that got me thinking about how we could use a little more classic music in our lives. So ever since, we've been listening to classic jazz throughout the day. Navy loves to jig to it and I find myself calmed by it. Our days unfold to it's lilting rhythm. Most of the time, it's slow and easy listening. But every now and then an especially snappy symbol catches her attention and gets her going with her baby bop. It's the sweetest seeing what beats do and do not trigger her to dance involuntarily. For me, it's the kind of crooning that makes me nostalgic for an era I never knew but imagine I would have liked very much indeed.

We've definitely felt blessed over these past many months together to be surrounded by friends and family, with no shortage of social gatherings and dog walks to fill our days. The trick instead, lately, has been to intentionally carve out a slow day at home here and there. I'm learning that as much as I love being out on adventures with my little sweetie, I love the slow days at home just as much. In between cleaning the house, folding the laundry and the like it's just a pleasure watching Navy learn and grow in our space. Moving forward I'm aiming for more balance in this regard. A few more days at home, taking things slower and finding the time to be more still seems to be doing both of us a world of good.

Birthday cards around the house always make me smile. AND!! Navy's first Halloween Card from Uncle Chad and & Auntie Karly in Vancouver. They are just the sweetest ♡
Meal planning more and more as little lady begins to eat what we are eating. Saves so much time and decision making each day!
The stroller is officially decked out in it's cold weather gear. We've been spoiled with amazing weather up until now, so we're ok with winter finally arriving. So grateful for this stroller and how well it stands up to our (sometimes overly ambitious and very frequent) Lincoln walks, in addition to everyday life use. 
Can't say enough about our sweet big boy and what a tender heart he has towards Navy. She now crawls over to his bed and offers him the discards of her meals! The first time she did it I just about cried. Two totally squished banana pieces in each little fist as she crawled over, determined to give him a treat. I could hardly handle watching that unfold  ♡
Soooooo excited about her little walker!

Navy at 10 Months

Navy you are a total character! Each day it seems like your personality grows even larger. Your coy sense of humour has really started to reveal itself. The way you raise your little eyebrows or turn your smiling little face and squishy baby cheeks into your into your shoulder when you know you're doing something all just cracks us up so much. It seems you even understand comedic pause these days, the way you regard both your dad and I laughing at something you've done before doing it again for another laugh. 

You're pulling yourself up on everything, eager to see the world around you from a higher vantage point when possible. You loooooove Lincoln and want to share everything with him or play on him whenever possible. You listen to me very well when I encourage you to pet Lincoln gently and to be respectful around him. He is so gentle with you in return. You're forging a beautiful friendship and it's my privilege to watch it unfold. 

Your babbling is getting more and more defined with sounds and even some words! You have now said dada and mama in context when your dad and I have walked into the room. And our hearts just burst at the sound!! No better feeling in the world!

You are quick to smile, to giggle, to play, to explore, to hug and to adventure. You are so patient on our long days of social gatherings, errands and long Lincoln walks. You seem to really love being out, seeing our friends and playing with their kids. Even on rare occasions, when we are out way past your bedtime, you surprise us with how well you manage it and remain pleasant and playful even though we know you must be very tired. 

We cherish every ounce of you, sweet girl. So grateful I get to be your mama ♡

Oct 6, 2015

motherhood // Navy at 8/9 months

“Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are. Let me learn from you, love you, bless you before you depart. Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow. Let me hold you while I may, for it may not always be so."
― Mary Jean Irion

This beautiful quote was on one of my favourite blogs the other day. It resonates with me so deeply, particularly about life right now. That Navy is already 9 and a bit months old is so hard to believe. On one hand, I'm amazed at how fast it feels like those 9 months have gone by. But on the other, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for all of the normal days she and I have shared since she arrived and what treasures each and every one of them are. 

Life with baby is a beautiful and tricky thing. It's this monumental shift in the everyday. Your world turned upside down with renewed emphasis on this little soul who, though new to you, is more familiar and more precious than you could have ever imagined. It's making every sacrifice but being willing to sacrifice a million things more. It can sometimes feel like hard work and be tiring, but then again energizing and motivating all at once. 

I sometimes used to think I had to 'achieve' certain things to actualize my worth. Before Navy I often found myself focusing on whether I was 'doing enough', 'working enough', 'earning enough', 'accomplishing enough', 'creating enough'…like there might be some moment in the future where I would know I had done enough. Enough of these things I thought were important. It's not that anyone in my life made me feel this way though….just for some reason, I made myself feel this way. Voluntarily, even though I knew better. But since she arrived, it's like I see things a lot more clearly and I am better able to act on my intentions. Her presence in my life, and my relationship with her has really opened my eyes and affirmed my convictions of what is truly important and worth prioritizing. 

Cold morning walks through the forest, Lincoln and his friends blazing the trail ahead, Navy nestled safely against my chest while I enjoy conversation with a great friend. Hot coffee steaming beside me as I fold laundry in a quiet house while my baby and puppy nap. Turning off the TV and getting lost in playtime with a little girl whose little mind is expanding by the second. Running errands while she babbles in the back seat about some story I can't wait to understand. Watching her practice her waving on every person who walks out of the rain and into Starbucks while we savour a visit with a dear friend. Holding on tight to heartfelt Navy hugs that linger a little longer as bedtime approaches. Washing dishes with Ryan as I reenact Navy's most darling and hilarious moments of the day. Being mindful to save some of my very best energy to catch up with him and reconnect after a long day apart. 

The normal day. It's my treasure and it is the priority. In it's precious moments my life will be lived and if with intention, lived well. Going to do my best to remember this comforting and encouraging thought, especially when the 'normal day' might feel difficult, rushed or even monotonous. 


Little Navy you continue to light our lives up and you bring a smile to everyone who crosses your path. You're waving to people to say hi everywhere we go. When we're out and I say "let's send a picture to daddy…say hi!" you smile at the camera and wave your little heart out. He loves getting those pictures and videos of you throughout the day. 

You're crawling everywhere, pulling yourself up on the couches and coffee tables exploring the world around you. Sometimes you even let go of your chosen support and just stand there unaware that you're actually standing all on your own. Eventually you crumple down on to your bottom or in rarer and rather coordinated instances, grab hold of your anchor before falling.

You babble and squeak your way throughout the day. Sometimes you engage me in conversations, and other times you just take in my words with twinkly smiling eyes. You're so alert and rarely miss a thing. At home, you still take 2-3 naps a day but when we're out for the day you've been known to go 12 hours without a nap so you don't miss anything. To your credit, sweet girl, you don't get cranky or unmanageable on those crazy days. Just tired, but still so pleasant which always amazes me for a baby your age.

You're still nursing frequently throughout the day and eating so much food these days and yet you are the longest, leanest little bean! You are so tall and so slender, I can't find pants that fit you to save my life haha. I've now resorted to tights for babies half your age and fiiiiiinally we can see those cute, shapely little legs under all your outfits instead of them swimming in a swath of fabric with a baggy waste band that always falls down. Such a funny 'problem' to have, but I guess I was the same as a baby. History repeating itself ;)

It is a pleasure to spend my days with you little lady. I love being your mama more than I could have ever imagined and each day just gets better and better ♡
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